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Everything You Need to Know Making Moving Less Aggravating

Moving? That’s the last thing any of us probably want to do, but a new school, warmer location, nicer neighborhood or many other reasons could be the cause. Maybe you’re moving from a small Denver apartment to the San Antonio suburbs; or maybe it’s just from one neighborhood to the next one over.

Perhaps your real estate agent found you an awesome place and navigated high interest rates to get you a great deal and you’re finally moving into that brand-new home.

Regardless, moving doesn’t always have to be the total pain you think it might be if you follow some simple guidelines. And if you have...

The Luxury of Time

If you know well in advance that you are going to have to move, taking advantage of that time is paramount. While quick moves are sometimes unavoidable, it’s your own fault if you have a lot of warning and just don’t plan ahead. We’ll deal with unexpected moves in another post, but for now, follow these steps for a great moving experience:

One Room at a Time

Start in one room. Pick one--any one—and drawer by drawer, closet by closet and shelf by shelf methodically pack everything away into easily handled boxes. If you have two months to get ready, simply divide the number of days available by the rooms you have to move and stick to the schedule. When you have everything from one room boxed and ready to go, move on to the next one. Obviously first pack the things you won’t have to use.

Use a Service

If you are bogged down, busy at work, or just organizationally challenged, go to Craigslist and find a helper. For a few bucks you can find an organizing service that will pack your things for you. If you can work side-by-side with them, you’ll have a better chance of easily finding your stuff when it’s time to unpack it.

Research the Mover

You don’t necessarily need your mother’s big moving van company anymore. While some people are still OK with these services, many have reported problems like lost items, late trucks and belongings held hostage.

Consider getting a cube delivered; you fill it up, lock it up and open and unload it at your new location. Again, there are many moving services that will help you do this—for a fee of course. In addition, these services usually have great tracking features, and you’ll know exactly where your stuff is at just by looking on your phone.


If you’re adventurous, go to the truck rental place and rent a 24-foot truck. Load it—or get help—and you then drive it to your new place. You can take extra time, do it leisurely, or power through it and drive long hours. Either way, you are with your stuff and will not have to even think about someone else being in control of it.

Throw It Away

Finally, if you haven’t used something in the last six months, give it away, throw it away or sell it at a yard sale. Do you really need the original notes you used to write your master’s thesis, or that old giant TV that still works but takes up an entire shelf and sticks out two feet? Think you might need all of those VGA cables and old Dell towers for some reason? Is the football helmet you stole from your high school that important—well, maybe it is, but you can see that striving for less clutter will benefit you.

Moving is never that much fun, but some serious planning can make it a lot less of a chore. Literally cut the crap, downsize, concentrate, get organized and you will get it done with a lot less hassle.

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